Cool Classical Musician/Composer Tshirts and Gifts

August 3, 2010

I was surfing the web I found some really cool tshirts of Classical Musician/Composers.

This tshirt is for any Mozart lover. I think it is really neat because it has a picture of his piano.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart shirt
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by apollo335
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Artaria and company was founded by the eponymous Carlo Artaria in 1765 in Vienna, then the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Originally a specialty publisher of maps, the company had expanded its business to include music by the mid 1770s. Its most important early collaboration was with the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn, who published more than 300 works through Artaria, including many of the composer’s string quartets (such as the Opus 33), which were a popular seller. The value of Haydn’s works helped push Artaria to the top of the music publishing world in the late 18th century.

This important relationship helped Artaria secure the rights to the works of other important classical composers such as Luigi Boccherini and, most notably, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

During his lifetime, Artaria was Mozart’s principal publisher, although after his death this passed to the German house of Breitkopf & Härtel. Artaria also published several early works of Ludwig van Beethoven, until a bitter dispute in 1801/02 over the publishing rights of Beethoven’s String Quintet Op. 29 which culminated in a court case ended further collaboration.

The dispute with Beethoven highlights the role the company played in helping determine early copyright laws. Voluminous correspondence is extant between Artaria and its clients regarding ownership and royalty of editions as well as piracy concerns.

Artaria continued to be a leading publisher through the 19th century, until it finally ceased its music publication business in the twentieth century. (content from Wikipedia)

Artaria and Company shirt
Artaria and Company by apollo335
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Wolfgang Schmieder assigned the BWV numbers in 1950, to indicate the work’s placement in the Bach works catalogue titled Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis der musikalischen Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach (Thematic-systematic catalogue of musical works of Johann Sebastian Bach). The BWV numbers are universally used and accepted as the standard numbering of Bach’s works; for example, Mass in B minor is BWV 232. Works believed incomplete or of doubtful authenticity at the time of cataloguing were listed in the BWV Anhang (BWV appendix), and are identified by BWV Anh number. The BWV catalogue is occasionally updated, with newly discovered works added at its end, though spurious works do not have their numbers removed.

This tshirt is truely for any Bach lover.

Johann Sebastian Bach shirt
Johann Sebastian Bach by apollo335
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This was the tavern in Vienna, which Johannes Brahms visited everyday.

Red Hedgehog Tavern embroideredhat
Red Hedgehog Tavern by apollo335
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This is anice mug for any Franz Joseph Haydn lover.

Franz Joseph Haydn mug
Franz Joseph Haydn by apollo335
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Here’s a tshirt for any Arnold Schoenberg lover. Shown is a 12 tone matrix. The top row is from Schoenberg’s first twelve-tone composition from Suite, Op. 25.

Schoenberg shirt
Schoenberg by apollo335
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Schoenberg shirt
Schoenberg by apollo335
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